It’s not a matter of “IF” a disaster or emergency will happen but “WHEN.”

 Will your business be ready WHEN it does?  


WHY BE PREPARED?  Emergencies, disasters and disruptions happen every day threatening the operations, employee safety, financial stability, and reputation of companies of every size. 

Assumptions such as “It won’t happen to us” or “Preparedness is only for big business” or “Our insurance will take care of everything” result in negative impacts such as injured employees, fines, loss of reputation, degraded operations, or permanent closure of your business.

Businesses should be proactive and prepare to respond and recover when those threats happen. Trusting to luck is not a strategy – proactive management to lower your risk and strengthen your business is!

SOLUTIONS:  Accinctus can help your company reduce risk and be prepared for disasters and disruptions.  It doesn’t matter how big your business is or whether you have no preparedness processes in place or you have a full business continuity program, Accinctus can evaluate your risks, develop preparedness solutions, and improve your overall resiliency.

WHY ACCINCTUS:  Our fundamental principle is that preparedness is for businesses and organizations of every size.  Professional business continuity best practices and lessons learned should be customized to fit your company rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

The Accinctus ADAPTABLE© business continuity model applies those principles and professional practices to achieve your requirements and preparedness goals.


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